Guangdong Experimental Shunde School

China top ten famous brand schools,National Private Advanced Schools

Since 2013, we have cooperated with Shunde School of Guangdong Experimental Middle School to create the Elite Oral Class for the International Department of High School and Junior Middle School


Primary School Attached to Guangdong Experimental Shunde School

People-oriented, morality, and quality

Since 2017, we have worked hard to promote the international exchange of the primary school affiliated to Guangdong Experimental Shunde School, successfully established a sister relationship with the GVA in the United States, and established an overseas winter summer camp.


Denver Christian School

Committed to educating 21st century students, encouraging them to grow in their own strengths, uniqueness, and talents.

Since 2014, we have cooperated with DCS and selected a number of high school international students from China to complete their high school education here and have been accepted by outstanding universities around the world.


Global Village Academy

Academic excellence, high levels of linguistic proficiency, and cultural competence.

Since 2015, we have cooperated with GVA to organize teachers' parents and students to launch Chinese cultural exploration activities.


Hengshui First High School Handan

People-oriented, the pursuit of excellence

Begin to cooperate with Hengshui No. 1 High School Handan in 2019 and opened the International Department


Daliang Shunfeng Primary School

Best primary school in Daliang,Shunde

In order to promote the international communication of the school, we facilitated the establishment of a sister cooperative school with GVA in the United States, and organized more than 30 GVA students and parents to come here for cultural exchanges in 2015.


Zhongshan Foreign Language School

Diversified development, everyone becomes a talent. Demonstration schools with distinctive school characteristics in the Pearl River Delta region

In order to promote the international communication of the school, we organized more than 60 parents and students to come to the school for cultural exchange in 2015 and 2017 respectively.


Shunde Yangzheng Xishan School

One of the few nine-year consistent schools in Shunde

In 2015, we organized more than 30 GVA parents in the United States to have cultural exchanges with teachers and students of Shunde Yangzheng Xishan School


Cooperation in running schools, studying abroad,Sino-US study tour!

Redrock International Education is your first choice!

Our Service


Cooperation Running School

Academic and Cultural partnership. Import excellent American Curriculum and education. Two operations: International high school and kindergarten.


Study Abroad

Provide a one stop destination for purpose of studying university abroad. Comprehensive high school education, carefully selected target schools, full application and testing counseling.


Sino-US Study Tour

Exchange program in the US. Experience the Chinese language and culture. Immersive education experience in our exchange program in the US. Become internationally minded!

International culture journey lecture

Classroom this week, freshmen and sophomore students gathered at the auditorium and listened to the lectures of 4 different foreign teachers. They were able to learn about other countries and practice their English skills without leaving the school!


Students from the International Department of our school go to American cooperative schools for exchange study

(2019/10/18 15:26:15) Partnering with schools across seas, being internationally minded is what makes our school unique. Aside from short study abroad during vacations, every year we send our best students to study abroad in partnered schools for a semester or an entire year. ...

Renowned school admisisons officers visiting our program

(2019/10/5 14:46:15) Since being established in 2013, Shunde experimental school has seen its graduates get accepted in many school overseas. As a result, many of these international schools has sent their admission officers to visit our school to share their admissions process to our students. ...

SUIE signed a contract with St. Mary's School

(2013/1/28 16:00:00) SUIE signed the letter of intent for co-operation with St. Mary's School. It means...... ...

Huanggang Daguanghua International School has been approved

(2013/1/11 13:00:00) In January 16, 2013, China Huanggang government approved a brand-new American style high school, a joint venture high school to be located in Huanggang, Hubei Province, China. The new school is expected to begin operations during the 2015-2016 academic year, pending final approval from the Department of education of Hubei Province. ...

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Current students and alumni stories

Ben Niu

University of Chicago

I was born in the vast grasslands of inner Mongolia. Through Redrock, I was able to participate in the foreign exchange program and study at Denver Christian High School. I am finishing my undergraduate studies at CU Boulder and will attend University of Chicago for graduate studies.

Holly He

University of California Irvine

I learned so much since joining the Shunder international school. I made many friends and even more memories. They were a big part of my high school life.

Ge Wu

Queensland university,Australia

At the international school, I opened my eyes to the world. I learned not only foundational education, but I also learned how to be a better person.




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