Tailun Chen

Academic Coordinator

In my 5+ years working at Redrock, I have committed to the growth of Chinese and American international education. My four years of undergraduate studies and research focusing on educational policies has give me expertise to build a successful program.

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  • Tailun.Chen@redrockedu.com
  • taichen117@gmail.com

What do you know? Knowing is knowing,not knowing is not knowing, it is wisdom.


I am Tailun Chen. I was born in China and received early childhood education in Wuhan. Despite immigrating to the US at a young age, I never gave up learning the Chinese language and culture. I practiced my reading skills and even took advanced Chinese language courses in College. Having experienced firsthand a synthesis of Chinese and American Education, I am in a great position to mentor and help my students. I helped create the international program to make even more students experience the great global education I was exposed to.

At the international school, I volunteer teaching spoken English to over 10 classes and 300 regular middle school students. The current Chinese high school curriculum does not concentrate on the verbal aspects of English, as opposed to grammar and written. But I believe one must have the courage to speak English in order to be truly proficient at it. That is why I hope through my volunteer work I can bring more joy to more students’ English learning process, and help them overcome their fear and shortcomings in speaking English.

In the future, I plan continuing to build my brand of international education and pave the way for more future global students!

I am the academic coordinator of Redrock

Build and Maintain school program and international curriculum.
Assist administrators and project managers to ensure our programs run smoothly.
Facilitate communication and oversee partnership between Chinese and American schools.
Responsible for communication between teachers and administrators from both sides.
Head recruiting efforts for foreign teachers and assist in teacher immersion training.
Recruit and interview prospective international students.
Create plan to manage school employees, giving periodic evaluations.
Evaluate students upon completion of program for diploma eligibility.
Conduct college application and testing workshops. Provide college counseling for students.

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