About Kindergarten program

10 foreign teachers from the United States, immersion English teaching was carried out to expand enrollment and enhance the brand strength of kindergartens as a whole.

Teaching Methods: activities divided into 24 status, and summarizes the various forms of English expression in the 24 status. The corresponding English forms of expression under the status of activities and the corresponding status, teaching activities based on six kinds of scenes (kitchen, crafts, games, shopping, theater, etc.). Teachers and students are active together in these six scenarios, and all of them are expressed in English. The cycle repeats and spirals up, allowing kids to naturally master English.

Our mission:

Teaching kids according to their aptitudes to improve their language skills and cognitive abilities!

Kindergarten Program Features

Professional Foreign Teachers

All the teachers are from the United States, young and beautiful, full of vigor and love.

Immersion teaching

English mother tongue teaching, pure accent, let children win at the starting line.

Unique teaching methods

The teaching method is researched by Brigham Young University in the United States, which conforms to children's language learning rules and has good results.

Application Process Cooperation Running Kindergarten program

Step 1 Learn about our projects

Need to understand our project in detail and forward specific needs to us. The school board should make full research and market analysis about the project. Please contact us

Step 2 Sign an Agreement

The two parties fully discussed and agreed on the cooperation plan, drafted a school running plan, including school teaching management, teacher arrangements, software and hardware, curriculum system settings, etc., and officially signed a contract.

Step 3 Preparation

American high school projects need to apply to the local education department and incorporate the admissions plan into the education authority's annual plan. At the same time, the board of the American cooperative school was approved.

Step 4 Prerequisite

Prepare teachers, teaching materials, and teaching management system settings. The curriculums are established and submitted to the education department.

Step 5 School opening

The Chinese and American management teams and teachers are ready, scheduled to officially start on September 1.

The specific implementation process is agreed by both parties and executed according to the plan. Generally speaking, the entire project takes 6 months to one year!



Cooperation as core value



Focus on excellent service



Mutual benefit and win-win



Growth, the ultimate goal for our students