SUIE signed a contract with St. Mary's School

Date:   Reviews:3951   Source:Sino-US International Education

On January 28, 2013, Sino-US International Education LLC(SUIE) entered into a partnership with St. Mary's School that will most efficiently bridge the gap between the China and the United States over society, culture, communication and interaction.

Through the partnership, SUIE and St. Mary's School will be working together to promote the development in educational market in China by integrating social resource, exhausting faculties and wielding influence respectively in teaching and management.

St. Mary’s School provides a community in which intellectual curiosity and academic excellence combine with Catholic and democratic values to inspire and prepare responsible local, national, and global citizens. Frank Phillips, Headmaster of Mary's School said, “As a Catholic School, St. Mary's School will share a common mission and vision with SUIE, it’s great to be able to work more collaboratively and to further develop a mutually supportive relationship."

Jieling Chen, President of SUIE, said, “This infusion of academic resources and capital investment will have an immediate and huge impact on the new program in China. This represents a new era for both sides - parents, students, faculty  will all benefit - now and far into the 21st century."

SUIE signed an agreement with St. Mary's School at last. The agreement further strengthens the long-standing academic and community relationship between both sides. The co-operation will be based on the principle of equality, mutual benefit and reciprocity.



Cooperation as core value



Focus on excellent service



Mutual benefit and win-win



Growth, the ultimate goal for our students