China welcomes to Cooperate in Running Schools

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When taking part in Second UK International Education Conference, Mr. Jiang Feng, Deputy Director of Department of International Cooperation and Exchange, Ministry of Education, China, said that, China was an open country, and also in the education system of China, therefore, we warmly welcome superior institutions to cooperatively run schools with universities in China.
When interviewed by the journalist of Xinhua News Agency, Mr. Jiang said:“we encourage students to go study abroad, meanwhile, we also hope foreign universities to cooperatively run schools in China.
We now emphasize on high quality education, and according to the Regulations of the People’s Republic of China on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools stipulated in 2003, we encourage foreign high quality institutions to cooperatively run schools in China. ”
He specially emphasized that higher education institutions in China and foreign countries shall cooperatively educate doctors and masters, jointly formulate international courses, and encourage recognition credit.
He thought that, nowadays, some foreign universities were two commercialized. If paying too much attention on commercialization and profit, education institutions will not fulfill high quality when cooperatively running schools in China. While, Ministry of Education, China, cared about this issue very much.
Mr. Jiang Feng spoke out some suggestions about supervision on quality of education in Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools. In his opinion, the first importance thing is, education institutions who carry out cooperation in running schools in China must be selected according to Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools, and be managed in pursuant to the law; second, establish quality platform: in the past, some students were tricked when going study abroad, therefore, the Ministry of Education, China, has established early warning system about going study abroad on one’s own expenses; third, establish a information platform: we publish qualified Chinese-foreign Cooperatively-run Schools approved by the government to be selected by students.
He said, international education cooperation is mutual. As you know, there were about 100,000 students who went study abroad every year, and more and more foreign students came to china, for your information, there were 140,000 foreign students who came to study in China. Nowadays, China is a very important destination of overseas study.


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