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Education is not the filling of a pail but the lighting of a fire.

William Butler Yeats, Irish poet

I am Redrock international education creator Deng HongWu. I followed my graduate studies at Beijing Politics and Law university with PHD in Wuhan University. I have taught in ZhongNan university for almost 30 years. My experience as a professor has give me vast educational knowledge and much of my research involves the differences between Chinese and western style of education. Even though I left my job as professor over 10 years ago to work in international education, it is still my lifelong passion to help my students. My footsteps have traveled through China and the US to realize my dream.

My passion in education has guided my research into the differences between Chinese and American educational systems. My career in education has allowed me to meet many students and parents, who are often lost when it comes to studying overseas. Every time, I feel an obligation to help them- to provide them a bridge for the students to receive the best education they can.

Seeing the growth of my students motivates me to work even harder. The pride in my work comes from seeing my students succeed, and see their bright futures makes me happy!

my Motto

“In China’s five thousand years history, the education of the young has been an integral part of the Chinese family. Education in America, like its economic power, is top of the class in the world. Its focus on individuality, critical thinking, self-governance, freedom and applicability is unparalleled. We hope we can provide a similar background under the guidance of the American education system, allowing our students to become future international leaders.

Work with every single student, discover their strengths, customize their unique educational experience.

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