About High School Program

Cooperate with American private high school for a duo diploma program. Campus located in China, but our classes offerings are like our American counterparts’. We seek to combine the best of both styles of education and adapt it to fit our students in China. With a full offering of classes from an American high school, along with our professional team and highly experienced foreign teachers, we created a program that has successfully integrated an international education experience inside our classrooms.

The student will graduate in three years and apply for universities around the world.

Our mission:

Diversify traditional Chinese education, teach students according to their aptitude, and improve each student's language, cognitive and cultural skills!

High School Program Features

Experienced foreign teachers

All our teachers are rigorously selected by Chinese and American high schools, all with graduate degrees and over 3 years of experience in teaching.

Chinese Core classes

Adhere to Chinese national standards of core classes, including 6 periods of PE every week

American high school classes

American curriculum with all textbooks and materials in English. We want to provide an American high school experience along with their innovations in education such as the focus on individual expression and critical thinking.

Globally accepted standards for grades

We use a global platform for student evaluation and grades, including all student attendance, homework, exam results and regular performance during class. Our GPAs are easily accepted by colleges overseas

Sino-US Integrated Education

Incorporate the best of both styles of education, we also hire qualified professionals and teachers to come to our schools to prepare our students for the college admissions process, such as testing prep for TOEFL IELTS SAT ACT AP etc.

Administration from American school with long history

We follow the guidance and wisdom from over 100 years of experience in our partnered American high school in their curriculum, classroom structure and administration styles, and their offerings in colorful extracurricular activities- for an all-encompassing educational experience

Fast track to world renowned universities

Comprehensive college prep and counseling, following every step of a students time in our program, along with a uniquely customized plan for study and admissions strategy. After graduation, students have choices to go abroad to the US, Canada, UK, Australia and other countries.

Chinese-American duo diploma

After registering, students become part of the American student body. After fulfilling requirements for graduation, students receive an American high school diploma, along with their regular Chinese high school diploma- demonstrating an academic excellence sought after by colleges worldwide.

Abundant scholarship offerings

Many merit scholarship opportunities for students upon entering program. End of term excellence scholarships and other graduation scholarships depending on college acceptance.

How to get involved? Cooperatively Running International High School

Step 1 Learn about our projects

To better understand our program, please contact us about your specific goals and needs. The school board and leadership will provide an in-depth market analysis along with their local educational policies.

Step 2 Sign an Agreement

Thorough communication and negotiation to build terms for cooperation, and establish an educational program, including administration, teacher resources, teaching materials, classroom structures etc. Sign contracts for formal partnership

Step 3 Preparation

International school program needs approval from local department of education and from school board from both schools.

Step 4 Prerequisite

Upon approval, prepare teacher resources, teaching materials and systems to send to education department.

Step 5 School opening

Administrators and teachers, both Chinese and foreign are ready by summer. School starts on September 1st.

The specific implementation process is agreed by both parties and executed according to the plan. Generally speaking, the entire project takes 6 months to one year!


School established in 2013, focuses on creating an international education experience from the Chinese and American high school cooperation. Drawing from innovative ideas from both styles of education, international school localizes the international education experience and adapts it for a duo diploma program. Using the best teachers and resources, we provide a comprehensive offering of American high school classes, and their respective learning environments. We hired highly qualified academic coordinator to oversee our program along with our school administrators. With the help from partnered schools and local support from schools and government departments, our program has steadily grown. Our growth has been met with student and parent support as they have seen our success story of sending our graduates to college overseas. Our first graduating classes in 2016, 2017 has attended college all over the world. Some of these colleges include renowned universities such as UC Irvine, UC Davis, Northeastern.


The University of Sydney,Austrilia

The University of Melbourne, Austrilia

Monash University, Austrilia

University of Technology Sydney, Austrilia

University of California, Irvine, USA

Northeastern University,USA

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands

University of Arizona,USA

Indiana University Bloomington,USA

University of Denver,USA

University of Groningen,Netherlands

University of Oregon,USA

University of San Francisco,USA

UC Riverside,USA

Arizona State University,USA

Hofstra University,USA

University of South Florida,USA

Drew University,USA

Bryant University,USA

Lasell College,USA

San Francisco State University,USA

University at Buffalo -SUNY,USA

The University of Iowa,USA

Michigan State University,USA

University of Colorado-Boulder,USA

University of Delaware,USA

Miami University,Oxford

Ohio University

Penn State University ,USA

Purdue University,USA

Virginia Tech,USA

Brock University, Canada

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We are the students of the International Department of Guangdong Experimental Shunde School, join us!



Cooperation as core value



Focus on excellent service



Mutual benefit and win-win



Growth, the ultimate goal for our students