About Study Abroad

Redrock International Education provides a "one-stop" overseas study service throughout the process: comprehensive study assessment, careful selection of schools, guidance for application materials, comprehensive interview training, and timely home-school communication. We are friends, parents, teachers and consultants for international students. From academic tutoring, communication with teachers and residential families, provision of Chinese food and regular group tours to participating in various local activities to become familiar with American culture, there is nothing missing. This is our intimate service! We are honored to be your consultant to study abroad and use our knowledge and experience to serve you.

Our mission

Shaping a healthy personality, expanding international perspectives, learning and progress.

Our Servers

Homestay, academic monitoring, security, and integration into American culture.

Low Cost

Most of our partner schools are in the Midwest and the cost is relatively low.


Enroll in private high schools, and enter the top 100 schools in the United States after 3-4 years,

Join us you will:

Live in a host family, making friends in the world, receive true American education in an authentic native language environment, and become well prepared for an international student life and future career!

Freeze Wonderful moments

We are overseas students from Redrock International Education. Join us!




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Cooperation as core value



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Mutual benefit and win-win



Growth, the ultimate goal for our students