Study Tour in China

--Experience Chinese Culture!!

China is an ancient civilization in the world and has a long history. Studying in China, you can experience the profound culture and the charm of Chinese people. The unique oriental culture and delicious Chinese food have deeply attracted western people across the ocean. Come hike the Great Wall, visit to Tianmen square and the Forbidden City, tour the ancient city of Xi'an ... Eat renowned spicy mutton hot pot, Shaanxi snacks, and other localized Chinese foods.

Our mission:

Focus on Sino-US educational exchanges, allow exchange students to experience and learn Chinese traditional culture.

Redrock International Education cooperates with many primary and secondary schools in Guangdong, Shandong, and Hubei, China. It welcomes students from various primary and secondary schools in the United States to travel to China. Students can choose to stay in the school's student dormitory, go deep into the school's classroom, study with local students, dine, and participate in various school activities, have a deep and direct experience of Chinese schools and classrooms, make a lot of Chinese friends. This on the field experience not only broadens their Chinese skills, but also their horizons in learning Chinese, and improve their enthusiasm for learning Chinese. After a week of school study, the students of the Global Village also visited Guangzhou, Xi'an, and the Forbidden City and the Great Wall of Beijing, and tasted a lot of authentic Chinese food.

Wonderful momory
Parents and students from VGA in the United States



Experience Chinese traditional culture course with Chinese students

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Study Chinese

Study in the school and learn Chinese with Chinese students

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National culture

Experience the charm of Chinese Kung Fu in Bruce Lee's hometown

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Cultural heritage

Travel around the Forbidden City, Great Wall, Terracotta Warriors, etc., and experience the Chinese civilizationto its fullest.

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Daily Life

Traditional Tea, hot pots, walking alleys, and tasting Chinese flavor.

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Everlasting Friendship

At the end of the study tour, students from both countries built everlasting connections and became friends for life.

Arrived in China
In campus
Visit Xi'an Terracotta Army
Visit the Forbidden City


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Growth, the ultimate goal for our students