Study tour in the United States

--Feel the essence of exotic culture!!

"Immersive" study in the United States, experience the original American culture, and open up your horizons! Help students to experience exotic cultures, develop international perspectives, improve students' social skills and independent living abilities, and learn how to observe with their eyes and touch the unknown world with their own hands during study tours.

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Professional team to take you through the technology, culture and economy of the United States!

Only in 2-3 weeks, you will get a lot

In-depth tour of top universities, feel the academic atmosphere of universities, and create a dream of studying abroad, suitable for students in grades 9-12

In the class
In the class

Experience the spirit of Anglo-American movement and integrate into American culture, suitable for students in grades 6-12.

Mini golf
Communication with friends from Taiwan
Campfire Party

Incorporate native American classroom learning and experience different overseas cultures, suitable for students in grades 6-12.

Living in a host family, you can experience the local life, suitable for kindergarten to primary students.

Students can choose between semester or academic year courses, suitable for grades 9-12.

New classmate
New classmate
To airport

Redrock International Education Organized elementary and middle school students to the United States to travel, study in the American native classroom, experience different overseas cultures, and cultivate the global vision and innovative thinking of Chinese teenagers. During this period, students can acquire language, independence, social skills, be more mature.

Wonderful Memory
Summer (Winter) Camp Review


Centennial Famous School

Partner schools are 100-year-old high-quality private high schools or universities

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In the classroom

Have class in high scholl or university

sharing love

Practice in English

Learn English and apply English while traveling with Chinese and American teachers

sharing love

Extracurricular practice

Class covers ESL, American culture courses, practices, and extracurricular activities

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Improve language skills

Training in language skills and life skills, artistic skills, and sports skills

Vist University
In the class
Experimental class
Visit the Statue of Liberty
Outdoor activity

Study tour diary

One day of my trip to the United States


We went to Disney this morning and it was so big! And every game has its differences. At first we went to the submarine......



Today is the first day I came to the United States. I feel quite excited. The roadside architecture is different from the imagination. I originally thought that Chinese architecture and the United States......


Yanyong Liang

The American Disney is very big and beautiful, it makes people shine. All the games in it are different from domestic Disney. What makes me most memorable......



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